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Rye Bagels With Raisins

Black Bagels Quest

Per recommendation of the site owner of Хлеб & Хлеб, I tried a proven standard recipe for the purpose of making black bagels. I had to make a couple of tweaks to achieve proper dough consistency, and experimented with different bulk fermentation and proofing schedules.

Rye Bagels With Raisins

Made two batches on two different days.  Second batch came out closer to what I’ve been looking for — chewy but not overly hard bagels with light tang, moderate sweetness accentuated by raisins.

Making black bagels: shaping

Making black bagels: after retardation

Making black bagels: after boiling

Bagels have every quality of a good rye bread — complex flavor, excellent shelf life, improving flavor with aging.  While I don’t believe this is my final  black bagel, it’s a successful move in the right direction, and I will definitely be trying them again.

Making black bagels: after baking

Rye Bagels With Raisins

Rye Bagels With Raisins

Rye Bagels With Raisins

TODO: try the original bread this recipe is based on.

Black Bagels

Based on Scalded Rye with Raisins recipe here (link in Russian)
Yields 12-14 standard 4.5 oz bagels

STARTER:  3.5-5 hours at room temperature

  • 60 g  mature 100% hydration rye starter
  • 70 g  whole rye flour, medium fine
  • 41 g  water

SCALD:  1.5-2 hours at 145F (65C)

  • 150 g whole rye flour, medium fine
  • 50 g red rye malt powder
  • 1 tsp ground seeds of coriander, fennel, dill, caraway or cumin
  • 400 g water

Mix at above temperature and let cool naturally, under cover

PREFERMENT:  2-2.5 hours at room temperature

  • 171 g starter (all)
  • 601 g scald (all)
  • 2 g dry yeast
  • 170 g water

Preferment is ready when appears “boiling”

FINAL DOUGH:  kneading 4-5 minutes, proofing 45 min under plastic

  • 947 g  preferment (all)
  • 350 g whole rye flour, medium fine
  • 450 g bread flour
  • 2 g dry yeast
  • 18 g salt (sea salt used)
  • 40 g sugar (brown sugar used)
  • 80 g raisins (currants used)

DIVIDING, PRE-SHAPING:  4.5 oz , rolled into bars.

RESTING: 10 min under plastic

SHAPING: classic bagel shape

PROOFING: under plastic 20-30 minutes, until float in water and lightly puffed up.

RETARDATION: overnight fridge, under plastic

BOILING: baking soda and barley malt syrup added to the pot

BAKING: 25 minutes at 500F.

Rye Bagels With Raisins

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